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Create your own web3 projects with the Mintdropz Creator Toolkit that allows you to fund your ideas.

Build the next big NFT project, a powerful dao, or mint your governance token within seconds

Launch Smart Contracts On All Chains

Launch Your Smart Contract on Any Blockchain With a Click of a Button

Mint and Drop. Release Collection. Mint Token. Start a Dao.

Mintdropz’s rich creator toolkit suite takes your projects to the next level with infinite amounts of possibilities.

Launch Smart Contracts, On Any Chain

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Launch Smart Contracts, On Any Chain

When you own your keys, you own your Contract.

Plug & play contracts on all major blockchains give you the power to build powerful Web3 applications, with ease

Select Your Contract Type

Select a Smart Contract Template, Release Collection. Mint Token. Start a Dao.

Build your own Smart Contract with a click of button!

Select Your Contract Type

Split Creator Funds

Split Creator Funds

Multiple creators building towards the same vision? No problem.

Creator splits allow you to split the funds between multiple creators with dynamic percentages.


The Ultimate Creator & Developer toolkit that allows you build your Web3 Platforms in seconds that are fully customizable to your vision



Integrates Everywhere

Integrates Everywhere

Connect your Mintdropz Platform anywhere and everywhere.

Built for Creators & Developers alike!

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journey in seconds


Community-driven #NFT platform Mintdropz is bringing a no-code solution to bringing your NFT project dreams to life!🤯

Polygon Studios has partnered with them to help make NFT creation for all a reality!

- Polygon Studios

“We are excited to welcome Mintdropz as part of the ever-growing NFT ecosystem being built on the Algorand network. Mintdropz is a unique use case as it will broaden the reach, awareness, and adoption of NFT’s, as anyone will be able to launch their own NFT storefront or marketplace with no code”

- Addie Wagenknecht, Head of Global Ecosystems and Technical Operations